Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity

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Thank you for your interest in Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity. Chi Sigma Tau was founded on September 9, 1999 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since its inception, the Fraternity has thrived and expanded to seven chapters within a short period of time. Brothers of Chi Sigma Tau embrace the fraternity’s ideals of academic achievement, cultural awareness, loyalty and respect seeking to maintain the existence of these values at each Chapter. It is our continued goal to look for those who hold similar visions and core values regardless of race or religion.

Your interest in wanting to establish a chapter at your university represents the first step in bringing the values, ideals and opportunities that the Brothers of this fraternity have witnessed since joining Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity. Let it be known that becoming a part of Chi Sigma Tau is no easy task. It will take dedication and determination. We seek only those qualified men with great potential and moral characteristics to join our Brotherhood. By bringing Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity to your campus, you’re opening a world of opportunities not only for yourself but also for your campus. With the fraternity, you will participate in various activities, from attending leadership workshops to participating in organized social events that will help develop each individual into a better rounded man. You will become a leader on campus. Through the fraternity, you will meet more people than you would have ever expected from when you started college. The greatest reward is the eternal bond that you will forge with the brothers in the fraternity. You will be establishing a permanent mark on your campus by developing a legacy that will grow beyond your days in college.

The purpose of this page is to help educate you on the process of establishing a Chapter at your university, as well as, exposure to all that Chi Sigma Tau has to offer future brothers. Chi Sigma Tau brothers have all learned what belonging to this fraternity entails and represents. Loyalty, friendship, leadership, honor and fraternity are characteristics of the men who have chosen to live their lives according to our creed “Leaders…not followers”.

It is our goal to work with groups interested in establishing a chapter on their campus and to provide as much information as possible so as to determine that Chi Sigma Tau is the right choice for the group.

If you have any further questions or require additional information about the Chi Sigma Tau process, please contact Chi Sigma Tau's Expansion Chair at [email protected]