Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity

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Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity is a traditional social fraternity operating on the lodge system. We are an Asian Interest Fraternity. We have both a collegiate and alumni group. Our members take a life-long pledge of loyalty to the Fraternity. During the undergraduate years, members partake in numerous programs that culminate them into a more well rounded man — from the social aspects at formal functions to the business aspects of running a chapter. Both will be vital to their success after graduation and in life. After graduation, members will participate in the Alumni Association and work with fellow alumni to improve the collegiate chapters as well as their community. By doing so, they further foster their bond of brotherhood.

Although the fraternity stresses Asian culture and values, it does not discriminate against people of non-Asian descent nor do we seek to inhibit their participation in Chi Sigma Tau events.

The Fraternity has grown throughout the years; from a single chapter with ten original Brothers to eight strong chapters with over 300+ brothers. It continues to grow and evolve. As more Chapters are established, more ideas are incorporated. As more Brothers are forged, the stronger the bond, the bigger the network.

Chi Sigma Tau takes pride in being one of a few Asian Interest fraternities to have invested in an insurance policy. We take the well-being of our members seriously and wish to see no harm come to them. Most universities will require a fraternity to provide proof of insurance before they can even petition to be established on campus. Before you decide on a fraternity, be sure to see that they are insured. It’s not only for their sake but yours.

Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc.

September 9, 1999

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Chicago, Illinois

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